Curriculum Statement

Our intention in English is to create a curriculum that enthuses and engages students whilst fostering a love of language and literature.

We aim to develop students as strong, confident readers and writers so that they have a solid foundation for learning. English students will study texts from a range of genres, time periods and cultures encouraging them to harness their emotional intelligence, seeing things from a range of different perspectives. Students will understand how literature, and proficient literacy skills, can open doors to other worlds.

The curriculum has been shaped to develop and build on prior knowledge, providing a sequential learning experience for all, for example, in Y7 students explore heroes and villains linked to Shakespearean characters, followed by Macbeth in Y8, Romeo and Juliet and historical context in Y10, finally culminating in Othello and literary theory in Y13. We have aimed to create a curriculum which provides students with breadth and depth along with an increased level of challenge as the curriculum progresses. Most importantly, through this curriculum we hope to instil a love of English that will become a lifelong passion.

Students will leave HGSA with the skills to analyse and interpret the world around them. They will be able to make links between the present day, literary sources throughout time and be able to express themselves, verbally and in a written form, through a variety of different mediums.

Curriculum Maps


Learning Journeys