Modern Foreign Languages

Curriculum Statement

Languages open up our world

It is our intention that students will leave their MFL education with an insight into different cultures and traditions and an understanding of how to communicate with others, regardless of mother tongue or background.

Our students will have the skills necessary to communicate productively; in both the written and spoken form. They will also be able to understand others receptively; aurally and via a variety of written forms. Above all, students will grasp how these key skills can be transferred to everyday life and the world of work. We will develop inquisitive and open minds.

The MFL curriculum is organised in such a way that topics are interleaved and developed over a 5 or 7 year time period. For example; in Y7 students will be able to talk about their family members, in Y10 they will be able to talk about family relationships and in Y12 students will be able to apply their language skills to analyse and discuss the family in the context of Spain, looking at social and political issues. The skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing underpin our curriculum.

A qualification in MFL will provide students with the ability to be strong communicators in any language, having built their resilience through a challenging curriculum. Such transferable skills open up our students to careers in diplomacy, journalism, business, interpreting and translation, and a vast variety of jobs in the international sector, amongst others.

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