Inktober 2021 Drawing Challenge

Each year we encourage our students to take advantage of Inktober, a public art challenge that was created in 2009 by Jake Parker who came up with the idea when trying to improve his own ink drawing skills.

Inktober, which our DTVA department runs as a very popular House competition, publishes a list of prompt words for each day of the month in October.

Students are asked to pick up a pen (or pencil) and try exploring the mental benefits that drawing can have by completing a piece inspired by one of the words.

Whether or not our students are arty, they often surprise themselves with what they produce and go on to complete several, or even the entire challenge!

This year the following students received a prize from Miss Oliver, CTL for DTVA, for completing the challenge, producing 31 superb drawings each:

  • Harley Hewitt
  • Nellie Foulds
  • Amelia Faulks

Winning Art Work