“Ready to Read” Week

At Heanor Gate we firmly believe that reading ability and vocabulary development is at the centre of our students’ learning. Reading more often will improve vocabulary, knowledge and also broaden opportunities beyond the classroom. Furthermore, having an age-appropriate reading ability will give our students greater access to literature. This includes examination papers, where the
average reading age for a GCSE paper is 15 years and 7 months. As part of our continued literacy drive, this week will not only see diagnostic reading tests for our KS3 students, it also welcomes
the first of 3 “Ready to Read” weeks at Heanor Gate this year. This is an exciting initiative where every student is given the opportunity to read for pleasure at the beginning of each lesson.
In order to optimise their experience this week, all students must have a reading book ready for the start of each lesson, and to facilitate this, students in Years 7-9 have been bought an age-appropriate book by the English department. Throughout this week, students will be challenged to complete as much of their book as possible and to reflect on their reading as they go. Bookmarks at the ready everyone!