Year 11 Key Details

Dear Parent/Carer

Firstly, I am writing to say how proud I am of your child and the manner in which they have conducted themselves throughout the examination period thus far. The maturity and resilience they have shown at this stressful time is commendable. It is clearly noticeable the strain this has taken on students and as a result it is imperative that we react and support students in the final two weeks of exams. When students have completed their Biology exam on Wednesday 15 June, the vast majority of examinations for many students are complete so we will tailor the expectation on attendance to reflect this.

Each student has been given a copy of their individual timetable and times they are expected to be in school, a synopsis of which is detailed below:

  • Students will be in school normally on Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 June.
  • On Wednesday 15 June, students will finish school following their Science exam unless they study History where they will leave school at 1.55.
  • Students will be in school all day on Thursday 16 June.
  • On Friday 17 June students will leave school at break time unless they study Spanish.
  • On Monday 20 June students will leave following their Chemistry exam unless they have History where they will remain in school all day.
  • On Tuesday 21 June, History students need to be at school at the normal time whilst the remainder of the year group need to be at school for 11.25 for Physics revision.
  • On Wednesday 22 June all students must be in school as normal for either their Music exam or Physics revision.
  • Thursday 23 June represents the last exam (Physics). Students need to be at school at 8.30.

On the third page of this letter the exam logistics for the final two weeks are detailed in full.

As always, should students require additional support or there is an issue with childcare arrangements, students will be welcome to continue in school for the full-time allocation over the next fortnight.

On completion of the final exam students will have their Leavers Assembly. They will leave the school site at approximately 12.30.

Finally, I would like to remind you that this year’s Prom celebration evening will be held at Derby County Pride Park on Friday 24 June 2022. Arrival on the evening for those attending is 6.00pm onwards, where there will be the opportunity to have photographs taken individually and with friends.

I would like to remind parents/carers that it is their responsibility to arrange the safe transport of their child both to and from the event and that all guests will need collecting no later than 11.30pm. There will be a non-alcoholic bar available throughout the night.

As this is a celebratory evening, which we want to be an entirely rewarding experience for all, attendance at this prestigious event will be a privilege, not a right. The Principal and school governors reserve the right to withdraw this privilege from any student up to the point of the event. Standards of behaviour at the celebration itself will be as normal for a school event, including no alcohol to be consumed either prior to, or during, the event. If the behaviour of any individuals jeopardises the safety and enjoyment of others then parents will be called and asked to collect their child.

We will be using the medical and emergency information on the school database. If these need updating please make sure that the required information is sent to school so that it can be recorded.

Should you have any further questions about exam logistics please do not hesitate to contact me. For any Prom queries please contact Mrs Coleman.

Yours sincerely

Mr J Wright
Year 11 Achievement Leader

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