Year 7 Buzzing with New Books!

At HGSA we LOVE books and encourage all of our students to read for pleasure. Some of the many benefits to be gained from reading include enhancing grammar and gaining a wider vocabulary, strengthening memory and improving conversation skills. Reading also contributes to a solid core of knowledge, as with each book more information is picked up and stored away.

This is why, back in December, our English department gave all of our Year 7 students the opportunity to each choose one book from a selection of 17 different titles, as chosen by an independent panel of experts at BookBuzz.

On Thursday 27 January our Year 7 students were gifted these beautiful books in their English lessons so they could take them home, keep and, hopefully, treasure them.

Don’t forget to ask about their books when they come home, and maybe even ask for a few pages to be read to you!