Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium Funding?

The Pupil Premium was introduced in 2011 and is funding specifically targeted at raising achievement and improving outcomes for our more disadvantaged students. The level of funding is based on the numbers of students that a school has on roll (in years 7-11) who were eligible for free school meals, who were looked after children or were from families with parents in the Armed Forces. The most recent formula for calculating Pupil Premium Grant is based on students who have been eligible for free school meals at any point in the previous 6 years (the ‘ever 6’ calculation). The funding is ring fenced to ensure that it is spent on the targeted group of pupils.


What are we doing at HGSA?

Our aim is simple: to ensure there are no barriers to any student achieving their academic potential.

For students who receive the pupil premium funding we look at each individual student and work out how best to support each individual. There are also wider strategies we are employing to maximize their learning outcomes, for example, we have reduced class sizes with key groups to ensure a more personalized approach to learning can take place.


Our disadvantaged student breakdown 22/23

Year Group Total Students Disadvantaged %
Y7 264 81 31%
Y8 207 80 39%
Y9 219 73 33%
Y10 224 69 31%
Y11 206 54 26%
All Years 1120 357 32%


Our Philosophy

High quality teaching and learning

All students at HGSA in years 7-11 receive 25 hours a week of lessons, this is where the best opportunities for teaching and learning take place. We recognize that all students are individuals and we aim to meet each of their learning needs through high quality day-to-day teaching. We emphasize creating the right environment for teaching and learning in classrooms maximizes student outcomes. The teaching team all have continued access to high quality professional development to ensure learning outcomes are maximized.



There are also students who benefit from timely and strategic intervention. We have robust and regular assessment and monitoring ensuring all of our students have the best possible opportunities to succeed.


Want to know more?

This website offers more information for any parents wanting to find out more.


Who to contact?

Mr Andrew Stanley is responsible for Pupil Premium funding at Heanor Gate. Please feel free to contact him via email at andystanley@heanorgatespencer.com for more information.